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Friday, 6 May 2016

COSMO DISCO by Mac of BIOnight

As soon as I opened the picture - so glamorous in its own peculiar way - that my uncle and personal photography teacher Domenico "Sem" Semeraro had sent me as a possible cover, it just yelled "Disco Music!" His photos often take me to musical areas I haven't experimented with yet, which is just great, but disco music? Sure, it characterized an era, but it was just a bunch of clichés and little more. Or was it? After all, I only knew the usual famous songs, some Space Disco tracks, a few more in the electronic sub-genre a la Moroder... When I started exploring it, however, I discovered that it went way beyond the trite stereotypes that were in my head. Some of it was interesting, sometimes even daring, many times it wasn't even based on the typical rhythm it is generally identified with. In fact, I wouldn't even file much of what I heard under "Disco Music".
At that point I felt I had a lot of freedom and decided to just record what I would have recorded if I had been a musician back then. So yes, here you will find some clichés, some affectionate tributes - especially to the "Space Disco" genre - but I let myself free to pay a homage to this kind of music in a very spontaneous and personal way.
My thanks to Sem again for showing me yet another strange path to follow through his amazing pictures.

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