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Friday, 10 October 2014

Bang - Θάνος Καλλίρης & Βασίλης Δερτιλής

Bang was formed in 1987 by Thanos Kalliris and Vasilis Dertilis. Thanos was the frontman and Vassilis was doing backing vocals and played keyboards. In 1987 they competed in the Greek selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 1987. Their song, Stop, a pop/funky dancing anthem was victorious and the duo, along with Mariana Efstratiou (who competed for Greece in Eurovision 1989) doing the backing vocals, travelled to Brussels for the contest.

The song started in Brussels with high hopes and good reviews, but scored only 64 points, reaching the 10th place. That however was a good result for a Greek entry at the time and the band was a massive hit back home. Bang pursued an international career and worked with Shep Pettibone, François Kevorkian and others. Until 1991, they issued 3 lp's and many maxi singles in Greece, Europe, USA and Japan. For their single Holding my Heart they had a video clip entirely shot in Hollywood and the single You're the One entered the British Top75 singles chart. Last but not least, is the only Greek pop act that toured Japan.

From 1992, Thanos followed a solo career becoming one of the most popular pop singers in Greece during the 90's.


Θάνος Καλλίρης. 

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