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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Alphaville on stage in HOLIC (26 July 2014)

Synthpop legend Aplhaville is coming to Holíč.
Be Forever Young with Cibula Fest 2014.

Cibula Fest, the biggest Czech-Slovak multi-genre festival, has announced a while ago that it will revive one of the world‘s music legends this year. In the past weeks the organizers have been in contact with the band’s manager, and only a few days ago the deal became definitive. This year, for the first time in the festival’s history, the headliner is going to be from a different country than the Czech Republic or Slovakia. On 26 July, the legendary Alphaville is going to perform their energetic show at the airport of Holíč.
The festival organizers once again have made Cibula Fest special in some way this year, which is held every year on the border between Czech Republic and Slovakia, annually increasing its quality. Last year there were nearly 10 thousand Czech and Slovak participants, and this year this number is expected to further increase.
“Cibula Fest always aims to offer something new, and the music of the Alphaville band is something unique, with elements of romance and mysticism. For those who have understood their music, it became their passions for life. Their expectations are being fulfilled completely,” said the first man of the festival, Vladimír Chrenka.
The band with its frontman, Marian Gold, has been present in the music industry for over 30 years, and their show on the border line of the two friendly countries is going to be truly spectacular. The main stage and the 10 large LED screens are going to reflect the band’s career from the very beginnings to today.
We will hear their great hits from Forever Young, through Big in Japan, Jerusalem or Sounds Like a Melody, and many more. “Their performance won’t be just a sentimental memory of the 80s but also enriched with their latest work. It is going to be an energetic show full of effects and unforgettable experience.” 

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